• Carrot Seed Vitality oil

    Carrot seed vitality oil, 5 ml

    Carrot Seed Vitality oil provides an herbaceous, floral note to foods, making it a great addition to savory dishes. Its complex flavor brings an earthy, delicious taste to your favorite recipes.


  • Cedarwood essential oil, 15 ml

    Cedarwood Essential Oil

    Cedarwood essential oil properties help soothe the mind and body, promoting a relaxing environment when used topically or aromatically. Cedarwood can be used for a men’s deodorant – it has a manly earthy smell.

  • Celery Essential oil, 15 ml

    Celery Seed Essential Oil, 15 ml

    Celery seed essential oil was historically used to soothe physical discomforts as well as physical discomfort, liver
    and digestive support.

  • Cinnamon Essential Oil, 5ml

    Cinnamon bark essential oil, 5 ml.

    The warm, spicy aroma of cinnamon essential oil has been sought throughout the ages both as a valuable commodity and for its ability to improve wellness. Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ cinnamon bark is meticulously tested to ensure that no dilution from similar-smelling oils has occurred.

  • Cistus Essential oil, 5 ml

    Cistus essential oil, 5 ml.

    Cistus essential oil has a soft and fruity smell. Cistus is calming and uplifting. Also known as Rose of Sharon, Cistus cannot provide answers, nor can it speak, but it stimulates the eternal knowledge that is intrinsic to all human beings.

  • Citronella Essential Oil, 15 ml.

    Citronella Essential Oil

    Citronella essential oil is a common element in perfumes and cosmetic products and is well known for its use in outdoor candles, sprays, lotions, and other camping and outdoor essentials.

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil, 15 ml

    Clary sage essential oil, 15 ml

    Clary Sage essential oil is known for its calming properties and benefits to the skin. The main chemical component of Clary Sage is linalyl acetate, part of the esters group, making it one of the most relaxing, soothing, and balancing essential oils.

  • Clove Essential Oil, 15 ml

    Clove essential oil, 15 ml.

    Clove essential oil is the champion of all with an ORAC score over 10 million!! That means a drop of Clove contains 400 times more antioxidant per unit volume than wolfberries, the most powerful of all known fruits.

  • Copaiba Essential Oil

    Copaiba Essential Oil

    Copaiba essential oil is known for its gentle, woodsy aroma. With high levels of beta-caryophyllene and a uniquely sweet aromatic profile, Copaiba oil helps create a relaxing atmosphere when diffused or applied topically.