• Roman chamomile essential oil, 5 ml

Roman chamomile essential oil, 5 ml

Roman Chamomile essential oil has been used as an herbal remedy since ancient times. The word “chamomile” is derived from the Greek words “khamai,” meaning on the ground, and “melon,” meaning apple—likely because of its distinct fruity aroma. Roman Chamomile is a low-growing plant with parsley-like leaves and daisy-like flowers. The flowers are steam distilled to create Roman Chamomile essential oil.

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Roman chamomile essential oil (Chamaemelum nobile) has a warm, sweet, herbaceous scent that is relaxing and calming for both mind and body.

Its gentleness makes it especially valuable for restless children. Soothing to all types of skin, it is used extensively in Europe in skin preparations. Roman chamomile is also beneficial when added to massage oil for relief of muscle discomfort after exercise.

Roman chamomile was one of the Saxons’ nine sacred herbs.
Roman Chamomile has an approximate ORAC of 2,446 (TE/L).
TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter.

Kosher Certified  EarthKosher Certified

How to use Roman Chamomile:
For dietary or topical use. When using as a supplement, dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid such as almond or coconut milk.

Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Dilution not required; suitable for all but the most sensitive skin.  Generally safe for children over 2 years of age.

Roman Chamomile

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