• Into The Future Oil Blend

Into The Future Oil Blend, 5 ml

Into The Future Oil Blend is an inspirational blend of essential oils that creates an invigorating aromatic companion as you look toward your life’s goals and dreams.

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Into The Future Oil Blend was formulated to foster feelings of determination and a pioneering spirit, helping you leave the past behind so that you can move forward. Rather than accepting mediocrity because of fear of the unknown, using this blend will enhance enjoyment of challenges leading to success.

Into The Future Oil Blend may help empower you to leave the past behind and confidently move forward.

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  • Use Into the Future Blend for…
  • Confidence
  • Decision-Making
  • Emotional Release

Into The Future Detailed Ingredients

      • Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)  is high in sesquiterpenes which stimulates and oxygenates the limbic system of the brain which helps to elevate our mood and helps us relax.
      • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) restores confidence and equilibrium.
      • Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) has been used for centuries to help support the female body and it’s own challenges. It contains sclareol which is very rare when distilling essential oils.
      • Cedarwood  (Cedras atlantica) has an earthy aroma that is calming and purifying.
      • Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) as a wonderful aroma that relieves stress and uplifts the mind and body. It has been used throughout history for romance and attraction and for balancing the feminine energy of the body.
      • Orange  (Citrus sinensis) is rich in the d-limonene and may support cellular function. Also has calming and relaxing effects.
      • Idaho Tansy  (Tanacetum vulgare) has been used traditionally for supporting the digestive system*. Listed in E. Joseph Montagna’s The Herbal Desk Reference on herbal formulas, tansy may be soothing to healthy skin.
      • Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma)  is a natural cleanser and detoxifier.
      • White Fir (Abies concolor) is very grounding and anchoring, may relax the body, while stimulating the mind.
    • †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil
    • **100% pure absolute


Into The Future Blend
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