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CortiStop Capsules were designed to help women’s bodies reduce cortisol levels that can elevate due to occasional stress. Too much stress may cause cortisol to increase and can cause you to experience negative health consequences such as fatigue, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, and difficulty maintaining optimal health of cardiovascular systems. Cortistop is designed to support healthy glandular systems of women.

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CortiStop Women’s Capsules are a proprietary dietary supplement designed to help the body maintain its natural balance and harmony.* When under stress, the body produces cortisol. When cortisol is produced too frequently, it can have negative health consequences such as feelings of fatigue, difficulty maintaining healthy weight, and difficulty maintaining optimal health of cardiovascular systems. CortiStop supports the glandular systems of women.*

CortiStop helps restore energy, maintain healthy weight and provides:

  • DHEA support
  • Cortisol support
  • Women’s cardiovascular system support
  • Women’s glandular system support
  • Pregnenolone support

Pregnenolone: 250 mg per serving
DHEA: 20 mg per serving

How to Use
Take 2 capsule in the morning before breakfast. If desired, for extra benefits, take another two capsule before retiring. Use daily for 8 weeks. Discontinue use for 2-4 weeks before once more resuming.

Keep in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. For adult use only. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.


Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils
CortiStop Women’s Capsules, 60 ct
Item #3275

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