• Diamond Dust - Large (#20793)

    Veil Diamond Dust

    Veil Diamond Dust is ideal for sensitive skin. This long-lasting mineral veil finishing powder absorbs excess oil to keep your foundation in place, while keeping you looking radiant. Veil is sheer coverage that does some heavy lifting.

  • saavy-mineralsNew 2017 Convention Products

    New 2017 Convention Products

    New 2017 Convention Products: We now offer a NEW baby line, MAKE UP line, OTC Medicines, and more! 

  • Carrot Seed essential oil

    Carrot seed essential oil, 5 ml

    Carrot seed essential oil is the best oil for pampering because it is rich in carotene and Vitamin A. Carrot seed is a great addition to lotions and creams for the appearance of refreshed and more youthful looking skin.