• Neroli Essential oil, 5 ml

    Neroli Essential Oil, 5 ml

    Extracted from orange blossoms, Neroli essential oil has a citrusy, floral scent. In ancient times, it was highly regarded for its uplifting aroma.

  • Palmarosa Essential Oil, 15 ml.

    Palmarosa Essential Oil, 15 ml.

    Palmarosa essential oil has a sweet, floral aroma which is calming and relaxing.

  • Palo Santo Essential OilPalo Santo essential oil, 5 ml.

    Palo Santo

    Palo Santo has an inspiring fragrance and can be diffused for a cleansing and refreshing atmosphere. It can also be used for a massage after activity. Like frankincense, palo santo is known as a spiritual oil, traditionally used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies.

  • Patchouli essential oil, 15 ml.

    Patchouli Essential Oil, 15 ml.

    Patchouli essential oil may be used topically to improve the appearance of dry skin and is an ideal complement when added to your favorite skin care products. Diffuse this oil for a calming, relaxing, and peaceful fragrance.

  • Petitgrain Essential Oil, 5ml

    Petitgrain Essential Oil, 5ml

    Petitgrain essential oil is refreshing and uplifting when used aromatically. This oil is also supportive of the appearance of skin and hair.

  • Thyme Essential Oil - 15 ml

    Thyme Essential Oil – 15 ml

    Thyme essential oil is distilled from the perennial herb, Thymus vulgaris, which is a member of the mint family. Thyme essential oil is used in aromatherapy, cooking, potpourri, mouthwashes and elixirs, as well as in ointments.

  • Acceptance Essential Oil Blend, 5 ml.

    Acceptance Oil Blend

    Acceptance oil blend stimulates the mind with oils specially blended to promote feelings of accepting ourselves and others, regardless of perceived barriers. This blend also helps overcome procrastination and denial.

  • Aroma Siez Essential Oil, 15 ml

    Aroma Siez Oil Blend

    Aroma Siez Oil Blend features the soothing and relaxing aroma of Lavender essential oil. It is also an important part of our proprietary Raindrop Technique Kit.

  • AromaEase Oil Blend, 5ml

    AromaEase Oil Blend, 5ml

    Aroma Ease Oil Blend has a cool, minty aroma and contains powerful essential oil constituents that contribute to a calming aroma.