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Identifying the Right Body System with Essential Oils

I have been fortunate to train and learn from live Raindrop Technique Classes from both Gary Young, Young Living founder and David Stewart, Raindrop Educator. Raindrop is such a wonderful technique to help keep our body consistently healthy by eliminating the virus from our spine.

The Raindrop technique integrates Vita Flex and massage, utilizing the power of Young Living essential oils in bringing the body into a structural and electrical alignment. It is based on the theory that many spinal misalignments are caused by viruses or bacteria that lie dormant along the spine. These pathogens create inflammation, which in turn, contorts and disfigures the spinal column.

There is no perfect oil for any body system.
This image shows some direction.


Here is a great article written by Dr. David Stewart…

Identifying the Right Body System with Essential Oils
~ by David Stewart

I have learned from Gary Young an interesting and useful procedure for identifying the right body system or source underlying a problem when using essential oils for therapeutic purposes.

Have your client lie face up on a massage table as if about to receive a Raindrop session. Then do vitaflex with specific oils on the spinal points of the feet, just as you would do in Raindrop. While vitaflexing, ask the client to focus mentally on their chief complaint (pain, ache, issue, condition, disease, etc.).

After each oil has been applied in this fashion, ask the client if the issue is perceived as “better?” “same?” or “worse?”

If the client perceives the problem as “better,” then the indicated system or cause has been identified.

If perceived as the “same” or “worse,” then move on to the next oil and system until you find the right one.

In some cases, instead of the client feeling “better or worse,” they may just feel “right,” as in “that feels like the right oil and system.” It is their body and their issue. Let the client be your guide in leading to the right answers.

A sequence is given below as a guide, but you can skip certain steps, if you feel drawn to do so, and are intuitively honing in on the substance of the situation:

1. For the Structural System, use Wintergreen Oil
2. For the Nervous System, use Helichrysum or Juniper Oil
3. For the Muscular System, use Basil or Marjoram Oil
4. For the Digestive System, use Peppermint, Ginger, or Di-Gize
5. For the Hormonal System, use Clary sage, Lavendar, or Fennel
6. For a Viral Issue, use Oregano or Eucalyptus globulus Oil
7. For a Bacterial Issue, use Thyme or Eucalyptus radiata Oil
8. For a Fungal Issue, use Rosemary, Tea Tree, or Thieves Oil
9. For possible Parasites, use Hyssop, Tarragon, or Mountain Savory
10. For Ligaments, use Lemongrass Oil
11. For Emotional Issues, use Release, Inner Child, or Palo Santo Oil
12. For the Brain or Mental Issues, use Cedarwood, Cardamon, or Clarity
13. For the Cardiovascular System, use Cypress or Aroma Life Oil
14. For the Immune System, use Cistus, Frankincense, or  ImmuPower

The oils mentioned above are suggestions.
You may be intuitively led to an oil not listed to test for a particular
system or condition. Use the protocol and go with your intuition on the choice of oils.

By applying your own experience and intuition, you can address other systems and use other oils not listed above, but the protocol would be the same, i.e. vitaflexing an oil on the spinal points of the feet while the client thinks of their specific problem and senses a response.



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