• Ginger Essential Oil, 5 ml.

    Ginger Essential Oil, 5 ml.

    Ginger is a flowering plant and it root is widely used as a spice and folk medicine for many years. Ginger is an integral part of Asian cuisines, primarily due to its ability to aid digestion. Try the oil!

  • Ledum Essential Oil, 5 ml

    Ledum Essential Oil, 5 ml

    Ledum Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil helps to harmonize and balance the body’s daily needs. Simply breathing in the aroma or even rubbing a few drops into your chest and skin will help strengthen your immune system.

  • Lime essential oil., 15 ml

    Lime Essential Oil, 15 ml.

    Lime essential oil  is cold-pressed from the peel of fresh limes. It is refreshing and energizing in taste and aroma. Due to lime’s high limonene content, Lime provides cleansing benefits.  Lime oils is an effective and natural surface cleaner. Lime is known for its ability to uplift, balance, and energize.

  • nutmeg-oilNutmeg Essential Oil, 5 ml.

    Nutmeg Essential Oil

    Nutmeg can be calming to the body which allows us to embrace flexibility and spontaneity which results in joy easily in our life!

  • Rose essential oil, 5 ml.

    Rose essential oil, 5 ml.

    Rose essential oil is comforting and calming and promotes affection and warmth. Rose oil has been used for centuries in perfumes, soaps and lotions to inspire emotional calm and stability.

  • AromaEase Oil Blend, 5ml

    AromaEase Oil Blend, 5ml

    Aroma Ease Oil Blend has a cool, minty aroma and contains powerful essential oil constituents that contribute to a calming aroma.

  • Awaken Oil Blend

    Awaken Oil Blend, 5 ml.

    Awaken Oil Blend is a blend of five oil blends. Expertly formulated to help you become aware of limitless potential when used aromatically, Awaken is the first step toward making positive life changes.

  • Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend, 15 ml

    Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend, 15 ml

    Citrus Fresh™ Essential Oil Blend combines Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Mandarin oils with a hint of Spearmint. Citrus Fresh™ Essential Oil is a proprietary Young Living blend that offers an uplifting, refreshing aroma that you can diffuse to transform home, work, and classroom spaces.

  • Harmony Essential Oil Blend, 15 ml

    Harmony Oil Blend, 15 ml

    Harmony Essential Oil Blend is an exquisite blend that promotes physical and emotional well-being by bringing harmonic balance to the energy centers of the body. The liberating, balancing, and calming essential oils in this blend open us to new possibilities while contributing to an overall feeling of well-being.